239-A wide black and white stripe fabric base with a black fabric lid. Black cording completes the traditional hatbox.


Black – Basic black with a black cording handle, perfect for mens hats.

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Ladies hats, men’s hats, children’s hats – we have boxes for all of your hats. Top hats, knit hats, Church hats, derby’s, Easter bonnets, Red Hatters, tiaras, crowns and more. You’ve got a hat and we have the box to put it in. Sarah’s Hat Boxes beautiful fabric boxes are made in the USA using odorless, nontoxic adhesives, recycled chipboard and high quality fabrics. Our hat boxes are made with a traditional cording handle that enables you to carry the box from the top or from the side. The sizes listed are inside dimensions so you can be sure your hat is going to fit. For custom sizes, heights and fabric colors please contact us by calling 603.525.3800

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Xxx large round hat box – 14 3-4 in. tall x 7 1-2 in. tall, Xx large round hat box -12 3-4 in. round x 6 1-2 in. tall, X large round hat box – 11 1-8 in. round x 5 1-2 in. tall, Large round hat box -8 3-4 in. round x 4 1-2 in. tall, Xxx large oval hat box – 15 1-2 in. long x 13 1-2 in. wide x 7 1-2 in. tall, Xx large oval hat box – 13 1-2 in. long x 11 1-2 in. wide x 6 1-2 in. tall, X large oval hat box – 10 in. long x 8 3-8 in. wide x 5 1-2 in. tall